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Get your FREE 14 Day Fertility Kickstart Guide!

40+ pages of meal plans + recipes, fertility boosting tips & more!

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Hey, sweet friend.

Nothing is more frustrating and disheartening than being ready to have a baby but not getting pregnant. Or, losing the baby you were so ready to welcome into the world.

You start trying, you’re envisioning your new life with your little one, planning the nursery on Pinterest, the whole nine yards. But time goes by, and nothing happens. Every month just brings more tears and heartache when your dreaded period comes.

Or let’s say you get pregnant- you’re elated! You read all the books, check out all the birthing centers, and eagerly track what fruit your baby is the size of each week. And then the unthinkable happens, and your baby is forced to leave the womb too soon. Your miscarriage has left you crying in the produce aisle of the grocery store.

And in that moment, you think no one else can possibly understand how you’re feeling.

THIS. This is why I started Real Food Fertility.

Fertility nutrition has always been my passion. When it was my turn to get pregnant, I started preparing my body with so much anticipation and excitement you would have thought I was a girl getting ready for her Senior Prom.

And then in December 2017, I had a miscarriage. It turned my world upside down. I hadn’t struggled to get pregnant (and I know in my heart I can attribute that to all of the research I was implementing with fertility nutrition) and I was so elated to be pregnant… but then the unthinkable happened.

When we lost our little girl during our second trimester, my world stopped for a moment. Why? How? What do I do to heal? (Besides crying in the produce aisle, which yes, I did do on several occasions).

I was devastated and scoured the internet for resources on how to holistically heal- physically, mentally, emotionally- but I couldn’t find the help I so desperately needed.

Having a miscarriage opened my eyes even more to how important food, mood and fitness are for fertility and a healthy pregnancy. That’s why I created Real Food Fertility as a resource for you.

I want to be there for you to help you get pregnant and help with your pregnancy symptoms. I want to help create a community for you if you’ve experienced a loss and need to heal your body and mind.

I want you to feel supported throughout your fertility struggles, and give your body the best chance it has to carry a baby, or help you heal from some things that are out of our control.

With nutrition, mindfulness, and a whole lot of love, you can help prepare your body your body and mind for whatever is in store.

I’m offering my knowledge, my experience, and my empathy. Real Food Fertility is fueled by my passion and struggle, and I cannot wait to help you, friend.


Founder, Real Food Fertility

Bachelors in Psychology
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Certified Yoga Teacher (Ashtanga- 200hr RYT)