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Einkorn Flour- What Is It and Why You Should Use It

Einkorn flour is more nutritious than typical wheat flour. There are numerous health benefits, and some that are gluten intolerant can handle einkorn just fine!



If you’re gluten sensitive, you have GOT to try einkorn flour.

(K even if you’re not, you should still try it).

I’m openly obsessed with this flour because it is flat-out amazing! It’s one of the only grain flours I’ll use in my baking. Why?

Let’s chat for a sec.

healthy einkorn flour benefits

What is einkorn flour?

First, it’s pronounced like “eye+n corn”. Rhymes with “mine corn.”

Einkorn is an ancient grain, and it’s actually the oldest grain that we have.

And because it’s never been hybridized, it has less gluten than your typical whole wheat grain.

(Present day wheat has been hybridized, modified, etc. to create higher yield and stronger gluten. Good for farmers, not good for bellies).


Why switch to einkorn flour?

First- a note on refined wheat. White wheat. You know the stuff. White bread, white tortillas, white pasta. Regular ol’ enriched wheat.

Why is it being demonized lately? What’s the deal with gluten?

Gluten can cause a host of issues if you’re sensitive or intolerant, like inflammation, haywire immune system, food sensitivities, leaky gut, mood disorders, bloat/digestive issues, etc.

Because of that, I typically stay away from wheat (I definitely stay away from white flour, and I almost always stay away from whole wheat flour, too).

BUT when I started using einkorn flour, I noticed something. 

I wasn’t as bloated afterward. My head didn’t feel as foggy. I didn’t have crazy mood swings the next day.

These are all symptoms I was used to when I would indulge in wheat- but they weren’t present when I had einkorn!

From then on, I was converted.

Let me reiterate.

Straight from the Jovial website (my favorite einkorn brand)- they say “the gluten in einkorn lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people can’t digest.”

YOU GUYS. IF you’re sensitive to gluten, you will probably be just fine when you make the switch to einkorn.

I noticed it with myself and with my clients.

And even it you’r note, it’s still better for you in the long run. It’s more nutritious and less refined than even whole wheat.

Order it here!

**BUT if you’re allergic to wheat or Celiac, don’t use einkorn flour. It still has gluten, you’ll still react. 


Other health benefits of einkorn flour? 

It has more nutrients than regular whole wheat. Like, a lot more. Plus, it has less of the not-so-easy to digest ingredients like starch and gluten.

30% more protein, 30% less starch and MORE B vitamins and trace minerals.

And remember? It doesn’t cause as many flare-ups as regular wheat does- because it has less gluten. It’s also not refined or processed as heavily so it doesn’t rob your body of nutrients when it tries to digest it (which is what happens when you eat refined white flour).


When/how to use einkorn flour?

I use it anytime a recipe calls for flour- plain and simple. You can usually substitute it for a 1:1 ratio with whole wheat flour, but I experiment a little bit using slightly less einkorn flour in some recipes.



Here is my FAVORITE einkorn recipe right now- the most amazing muffins I’ve had in a while, courtesy of Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

(I cut the sugar down to 3/4 a cup and used coconut sugar)

I’ll also be posting a delicious einkorn chocolate chip cookie recipe soon- so stay tuned for that!


Where to buy einkorn flour?

Call and ask your local health foods store (Whole Foods and Sprouts don’t carry it yet- Natural Grocers does).

Or just order it on Amazon here! 

TELL ME HOW YOU LIKE IT! I would love to add a million people to this einkorn bandwagon o’ mine.




*This post has some links for my affiliate account with Amazon- you don’t pay extra but Amazon helps support my small business. 🙂



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