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Get your FREE 14 Day Fertility Kickstart Guide!

40+ pages of meal plans + recipes, fertility boosting tips & more!


Here's a peak at what you'll find in my pantry! A few of my favorite supplements and ingredients, the best detox and skin-care products, and books I love!


Great Lakes Collagen

I use this DAILY! One of my favorite collagen brands- great for joint and gut health, skin and nail growth, muscle recovery, and so much more.

Vital Proteins Collagen

Another favorite collagen brand! Great for joint and gut health, skin and nail growth, muscle recovery, and so much more. Read more here...


Betaine-HCL is great to help kickstart hydrochloric acid production in the stomach- aids in digestion and can help immensely. 

Dessicated Liver

Liver is a SUPERFOOD. Jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals that your body loves. I don’t love eating it, so I swallow it in pill form instead.


I love L-Glutamine! It’s one of my favorite supplements because it does so many things. This amino acid helps with sugar cravings, and also helps strengthen the gut lining to aid in leaky gut & digestion! Read more about sugar cravings here >>

Digestive Bitters

Digestive Bitters are another great way to help aid in digestion, and in my opinion is a littler gentler than the Betaine-HCL. Bitters also help stimulate digestive enzymes and HCL to help aid in digestion and nutrient absorption!


Probiotics are my JAM. I have several brands I love and this is one of them! Probiotics are essential for gut and immune health, and it’s important to get them from food and supplements since the majority of us need extra gut support!


Einkorn Flour

I use einkorn flour whenever I bake (if I don’t opt for almond, cassava, or coconut flour). It’s the most ancient grain and it hasn’t been hybridized, so there’s less gluten! 

Coconut Sugar

Whenever I bake, I use coconut sugar. It’s unrefined and has a delicious, maple-y flavor. Works as a white and brown sugar replacement! 

Primal Kitchen Mayo

This is a fantastic mayo full of healthy fats! I love that they use avocado oil. I use this in homemade dressings and plain as a condiment. Read about healthy fats here!

Salad Dressings

I love Primal Kitchen because they use amazing quality ingredients, including avocado oil. These dressings taste amazing and are SO good for you! (Read more about fats>>)

Epic Bars

This is one of my favorite go-to snacks when I need them! The ingredients are sourced well and the taste of any and all flavors is amazing! 

Dark Chocolate Chips

When I bake I opt for these Equal Exchange chocolate chips! I love this company and their mission, and they make dang good tasting chocolate.

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil- I can’t live without it. I use it in cooking and also as lotion. Two birds, one stone! Read more about healthy fats here! 

Avocado Oil

I LOVE the taste of this avocado oil! It has a high smoking point too, it’s great for cooking at high temps! Read about healthy fats here!


The Miracle Morning

This book has changed my morning routine game for the better. I love it- it helps me start my day off right!

Eat Fat Lose Fat

This book helped inspire my blog post all about fats– it’s a deep-dive into why they’re so crucial for our health! 

Nourishing Traditions

Basically the “Real Foods” Bible :). This book has fantastic info on how & why we eat quality sourced ingredients!

Beautiful Babies

This book started my LOVE for fertility nutrition. I love how Kristen formats her recommendations, Great info!


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